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As an English teacher, my teaching methodology is student-centered and communicative approach. I believe that language learning should be an interactive and engaging process, where students actively participate and apply what they learn to real-life situations. To achieve this, I incorporate a variety of teaching techniques and materials such as group discussions, role-plays, presentations, videos, and authentic texts that are relevant and interesting to the students. I also use formative assessments to monitor their progress and adjust my teaching strategies accordingly. In addition, I encourage a supportive and inclusive learning environment that values diversity and respects individual differences. This helps to foster mutual respect and enhance their language skills in a meaningful and enjoyable way.

À propos du prof

I have three years of teaching experience as an ESL TEACHER, with a focus on children and teenagers. During this time, I have taught English to students of various ages and proficiency levels, ranging from beginner to advanced. As a teacher, I am committed to creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment that fosters student participation and interaction. I incorporate a variety of teaching techniques and materials such as games, songs, and stories to help my students learn in a fun and engaging way. In my classroom, I prioritize effective communication and encourage my students to express themselves freely in English. I work to build a strong rapport with each of my students, tailoring my teaching style to their individual needs and learning styles. Throughout my teaching experience, I have developed strong classroom management skills, with a focus on maintaining a positive and inclusive learning environment. I regularly assess my students' progress using both formative and summative assessments, and adjust my teaching strategies accordingly. In addition to my teaching responsibilities, I have also been actively involved in professional development activities. This has included attending workshops and conferences, collaborating with other teachers, and pursuing further education to enhance my skills as an English language instructor. Overall, my three years of teaching experience in English language instruction have equipped me with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively engage children and teenagers in language learning, and to support them in their growth and development.


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