Professional English Teacher/ professeur d’anglais professionnel

À propos du cours

My teaching methodology is rooted in creativity and flexibility, putting the focus on students. I employ interactive activities, real-world examples, and collaborative projects to make learning engaging. When explaining notions, I use a student-centered approach, breaking down complex concepts into digestible parts, encouraging questions, and adapting explanations based on individual learning styles. Incorporating pictures and technology is an integral part of my teaching approach. Visual aids and technology not only stimulate students' intelligence but also cater to diverse learning preferences, making the educational experience more dynamic and effective.

À propos du prof

I hold a Bachelor's degree in English Studies and a Master's degree in Moroccan American Studies. As part of the Steven Initiatives Women Leadership Program, I gained valuable insights into leadership dynamics. During a journalism internship at the University Hassan II, I honed my communication skills and deepened my understanding of media practices. I have a rich teaching background, having contributed to various schools, including Inn Habous Middle School, Al Montada Primary School, and various language centers, blending my academic knowledge with practical classroom experience.


  • Casablanca
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