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Of course, here's a simplified summary: "I use a teaching style that's good for both math and English. I explain things clearly, give examples from everyday life, and use practice exercises to help students understand. I also adapt to how each student learns and encourage them to ask questions. My goal is to create a helpful environment where students can learn well in different subjects, like math and English."

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In 2021, I successfully completed my baccalaureate with English as my chosen specialization. During my high school years, I focused on subjects such as mathematics, science, physics, and chemistry.(in english)..Over the years, I've honed my English proficiency to the level of a fluent adult when interacting with individuals from various backgrounds.and have since enriched my scientific vocabulary. Motivated by my proficiency in English and a desire to teach, I am currently in my second year of English studies at Hassan 2 University, working towards my goal of becoming an English teacher.


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