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There are lots of methods but for me i depend on three teaching methods that dominate the business of language instruction: the Direct Method, the Grammar-Translation Method, and the Audio-Lingual Method: 1.The Direct Method or the Oral or Natural method. It’s based on the active involvement of the students in both speaking and listening in order to know the new language in realistic everyday situations. The process consists of the acquisition of grammatical structure and vocabulary. In this method I try encouraged the learners to think in the target language rather than translate. 2. The Grammar-Translation Method This method is based on analysis of the written language using translation exercises, reading comprehension and written imitation of texts. Learning mainly involves the mastery of grammatical rules and memorization of vocabulary lists. 3. The Audio-Lingual Method This self-teaching method is also known as the Aural-Oral method. The learning is based on the repetition of dialogues and phrases about everyday situations. These phrases are imitated, repeated to make the response automatic. Reading and writing are both reinforcements of what the learner practices.

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2010/2011: Bachelor of letters at the ELJAHID high school in Zagora Morocco. 2012/2013: General university diploma in English study at IBN ZOHR University in Agadir. On 2014 I got my BA in English studies (Linguistics option) at the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences Agadir. after that exactely on 2015 I had a training in one of the best agency of tourism and travel in Marrakech. After that I came back to agadir from 01/12/2016 working as an English teacher.


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