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Dedicated and experienced English teacher with over 5 years of success in education. I have expertise in developing lesson plans, assessing student progress, and leading engaging classes. With patience, I teach different age groups and excel at creating a positive and inclusive learning space. I ensure that each student's special needs are taken care of to facilitate effective learning.

À propos du prof

Communicate, convey information clearly and listen actively, Adapt teaching methods to meet the diverse needs of students. Planning lessons, managing classrooms, and keeping track of student progress Addressing challenges in the classroom, whether related to student learning or classroom management Patience when working with diverse groups of students. Balancing lesson planning, grading, and other responsibilities. Proficiency with technology into lessons for a better experience. Collaboration with colleagues, parents, and administrators for a better work environments. French teaching volunteer in summer school. Participated in performance reviews with parents and students for future performances in house. volunteered in special focus program in city. planed special test parties for families on future jobs.


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