I am here on this paltform to help you enhance your English skills.

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"As an English teacher, my teaching methodology is rooted in the communicative approach, emphasizing real-life communication and interactive learning. I believe that language is best acquired when students are actively engaged and motivated. To enhance this engagement, I incorporate gamification techniques into my lessons. By blending the fun and competitive elements of games with a communicative approach, I aim to create a dynamic and immersive learning environment. This combination not only makes learning English enjoyable but also encourages students to use the language in authentic and meaningful contexts."

À propos du prof

"My name is Ismail, and my academic journey has been both diverse and enriching. I am currently pursuing a Master's in English Linguistics, a testament to my deep passion for language and its intricacies. Parallel to my studies, I serve as an English teacher at a public school and also extend my expertise online, reaching a global audience. Before delving into the world of English, I had the privilege of teaching Arabic at esteemed institutions such as Washington and Lee University and AMIDEAST in Rabat. Each chapter of my academic path has honed my skills, broadened my perspectives, and fueled my commitment to education."


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