English language teacher , coach and an international officer in an non governmental association for youth.

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I am an English language teacher, I focus on speaking and writing as they are the most wanted productive skills. I believe that each student has its own learning style (or styles) and that if he gets to know it , he will succeed in the learning process.

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Amina Khadraoui is an accomplished educator within the private sector. Holding a Bachelor's degree in English Studies, Amina possesses a profound affinity for languages, recognizing them as the gateways to global understanding and intergenerational connections. In addition to her academic achievements, Amina serves as an International Officer at AJA (Association de Jeunesse et Avenir), where she actively contributes to cross-cultural initiatives. Her commitment is further demonstrated by her participation in a program focused on territorial governance, a collaboration between AJA and GPJ. Amina is also a graduate of the Female Leadership Academy 22-23 (FLA), which underlines her dedication to fostering empowered women leaders. With a strong desire to broaden her horizons, Amina aspires to delve into the realm of politics. In her journey, she seeks to fuse her talents with an understanding of political dynamics, reflecting her dedication to comprehensive learning and societal engagement.


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