Dynamic Teacher Offering a Fun and Engaging Learning Experience

À propos du cours

My teaching methodology is centered around interaction, passion and fun. As a young and dynamic teacher, I employ diverse methods such as reading, writing and other fun approaches like flashcards for vocabulary, songs to reinforce pronunciation, and movie excerpts to spark cultural interest. My goal is to make learning English not only educational but also fun and inspiring.

À propos du prof

With a degree in English Studies, my academic journey laid the foundation for my passion for the English language. Having successfully worked in two former private schools, I have taught at all levels, from kindergarten to high school. My diverse experience has allowed me to develop pedagogical skills tailored to each age group. However, as an English tutor, I got to interact with all age groups including adults. This allowed me to hone my ability to explain concepts in a captivating way no matter the age.


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