Mathématiques (FR) : 3ème Année Collège
Théorème de Thalès(-)

vidéo : 3ème année collège : théorème de thalès / exercice 01

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**Download link** **A- Links to mathematics lessons for the first year of secondary school "second semester"** **Lesson 1:** Development and factorization **Lesson 2:** Equations of the first degree **Lesson 3:** Central symmetry **Lesson 4:** Parallelogram **Lesson 5:** Problem Solving **Lesson 6:** Special quadrilaterals **Lesson 7:** Parallel and secant **Lesson 8:** Circle **Lesson 9:** Right prism and cylinder **Lesson 10:** Graduated straight line and reference in the plane **Lesson 11:** Proportionality **----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------** **----------------------------------------------2ème année -------------------------------------------** **Order of the second year lessons 2ème année collège "semester 2"** **Lesson 1:** Literal calculation 2ème année: literal calculation **Lesson 2:** 2ème année "important lines" **Lesson 3:** Equations of the first degree **Lesson 4:** Order and operations **Lesson 5:** Right triangle and circle **Lesson 6:** Vectors and translations **Lesson 7:** Proportionality and linear function **--------------------------------- 3ème année الثالثة اعدادي -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------** **Equations** **Displacement and vectors** **Vectors and translations** **Reference in the plane** **Equation of a straight line** **System of two equations** **Linear function and distorted function** **In French** **Download link**

محمد احبان ahabane mohamed

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