Mathématiques : 2BAC
Limites et continuité(SM)

vidéo : 2ème bac SM : Limites et continuité

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Join me on Facebook for more math courses, exercises and supervised homework: To participate in the offer, send the word "offer" on WhatsApp to the number: 0659103204 Supervised homework in limits and continuity (a): Exercises in limits and continuity: Exercise 1: Exercise 2: Exercise 3: Exercise 4: Exercise 5: Exercise 6: Exercise 7: Exercise 8: Watch also the other courses of the 2nd bac sciences mathematics: 2nd bac SM: Differentiation and study of functions: 2nd bac SM: Numerical sequences: 2nd bac S.M: Integral calculus: 1st bac SM and 2nd bac SM Arithmetic in Z: This video deals with the course of limits and continuity for the 2nd bac SM (Sciences mathematics), it contains in detail: Continuity of a function at a point Continuity of a function on an interval Continuity of the composition of two functions Image of an interval by a continuous function Extension by continuity Intermediate value theorem Theorem of the reciprocal function The arctangent function (Arctan) The nth root function Rational power of a strictly positive number Note that this video may also be of interest to students of the 2nd bac science physics (2 bac PC).

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